Stud: Severo Wendell Washington

Still just a kitten with photos to come. He is such a sweet hearted boy. He is the product of Billy Preston and Artemis. We look forward to seeing him produce amazing kittens. He has amazing coat colour and excellent stucture. Photos to come

Stud: Grand Champion Nareira Billy Preston

Billy is a sweetheart that absolutly loves the girls. He also is a people person.


#billypreston #studlife #catstudlife #abyssinian thid is our boy Billy. He is one od our stud boys and an absolute sook.

♬ You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Cavetown

QUEEN: Our Artemis

Artemis is our Abyssinian Queen. Her mother is the same as Leon and Derrick Bennett. We love the stucture of these guys and wanted all of our foundation breeding cats to come from a single foundation female (Nile Panope)

She has been a fantastic breeding female who absolutly adores her kittens and is a fantastic mum. She will be retired from breeding early 2025. We now have Severo Wendell Washington who will go on to be our next stud Aby boy.

Queen: Fawntasia (Tasia)

This beautiful little girl is quite rare as fawns are not a common colour in Abyssinians. She is a devoted mum and quite a character.

Our other cats – the non breeding ones!

Sir Sam Severo AKA Jonesy (domestic neutered)

Jonesy is a domestic red makeral tabby boy that Tasia raised with her aby kittens from the age of 8 weeks. He was found on a pallet with 2 surviving kitten sisters and one kitten that had passed. He was adopted by another foster mum with Paws and Claws rescue till he was around 8 weeks of age, then came to us and joined tasias crew and although he is a domestic cat, he has picked up many Aby habbits.

We strongly believe in the adopt and shot responcibly approach to cat ownership and we encorage the adoptions of domestic cats if that is what works for you and your family. Jonesy is going to be part of the show crew and we hope that it will help us to spread that message. We affectionatly call him a domestic tabbyssinian.

Derrick Bennett DGC (neutered)

Derrick Bennett was our first Aby. He is a Double Grand Champion and is neutered. He joined us when he was 14 weeks old and we showed him in 2018 and 2019. He is the full litter brother to Leon. Derrick Bennett has mostly retired from the show ring but occasionaly attend. He prefers to be seen by his adoring public so can see him at the Adelaide Animal Expo every year.

Retired and Rehomed: Calliope

Calliope is our Foundation Somali Queen. Her personality is best described of that of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H. She is sasy, bossy, sexy and she knows it. She is affectionate and adorable with a wonderful nature. Unfortunatly Calliope never had kittens. We are unsure of what the issue was but it happens sometimes. She needed lots of attention and wasnt keen on being part of a large crew of cats so we have found her the perfect home with a friend and her cat and girls. It breaks your heart to have one of the family rehomed but we know it is in her best interest and she is now living her best life.
Best Somali Kitten 2019 GCCFSA

Gone but never to be forgotton.

STUD: El Leon deOro BDGC

Leon was out foundation stud boy and litter brother of the famous Derrick Bennett. He was a Bronze Double Grand Champion. He LOVED going to shows. He was leash trained and was often seen out and about. He attended any event he could. Leon joined our family 2 days before his 1st birthday in 2018 and passed away 6th February 2024
In 2019 Leon won top Group 3 Entire at the Golden Awards. Top Abyssinian Entire(Breeding Male) at the Royal Adelaide show
Best Abyssinian Entire for both FASA( Feline Association of South Australia. ) and GCCFSA (governing council of the cat fancy south Australia)and
Top Cat for the Abyssinian Breeders Club Australia.

Leons lines continue in a few cats that still carry his lines, however, we were unable to get a future stud boy from him. He was taken from us way to soon with a agressive cancer which just broke our heart.

Leon 2019